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Shoe haul and random girls

Working on TrickyBJDFeet was reason enough to buy a couple of shoes. The small heels are for my future FID Raffine and Rachel, the larger ones for the SID and nYID girls as well as my only EID woman.

The larger ones are from ACbjd (except for the heels, those are from rabbit), all fit and I like the sporty look. They are not that huge- in fact they fit perfectly, and with different laces they don’t even look that much like sneakers. Not much to do about the white soles, but I don’t mind. Almost all of them have tiny zippers in addition to the lace up, and they are much easier to put on.
BJD shoes review – ResinRapture
I was planning to take a couple of pictures today, but I had a dentist appointment and my face is still so swollen that it hurts to press one eye shut. So there are just three pretty boring pictures, but I like them all the same. I am thinking of redoing Stella’s face up, her FU has suffered a bit over time. And I have no idea why Iple discontinued Leona, she is such a lovely sculpt.
Iplehouse Kassia – Stella Luna Morrigan
Iplehouse Leona – Sophia Luna Andersson


3 thoughts on “Shoe haul and random girls”

  1. Nice shoe haul! (I suspect you don't need much excuse to buy new shoes. :D) You could disguise the white rims with acrylic paint to match the canvas color. I wouldn't paint the soles, as it would probably wear off easily.

    I don't know why Iplehouse discontinued Leona, either. I've always liked her sculpt and would have bought her if the FID size hadn't come along.

  2. There is always a good reason for doll shoes, no excuse is needed!! Hahaha! Have you tested the smaller shoes on your JID heels?

    Sad to read about the dentist, but I hope you recover soon! I hate dentists D:

  3. I am fine again, thank you :). Some of the shoes go on, but I wanted them for my FID girl-which hasn't arrived yet. The JID heel feet are a bit to wide to make them a good fit, and I don't want to rip them. These shoes are so delicate.

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