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More MSD shoes that fit FID men

I needed some more footwear for the guys, preferably something like hiking boots. All of the shoes shown in the picture are from dollmansion on ebay, but I have seen them in several shops, e.g. Alice’s Collections. They are all regular MSD sized boy shoes.

BJD shoes review – ResinRapture


I already knew the beige sneakers with the white shoe laces would fit, they are not my first pair.

BJD shoes review – ResinRapture


The two pairs of boots in shades of brown do fit, but getting them on for the first time requires a bit of warming up and some struggle. Once they have been worn for a while it’s much easier to get them on and off. Good to know, they come in four colors, these two browns, a darker brown and dark grey.

BJD shoes review – ResinRapture


Unfortunately this fancy pair in the front does not fit. At least not the FID guys. JID boys can wear them, but they look a bit large on JIDs. And it’s not the length, the instep of FID guys is just to high. The foot doesn’t even go halfway in. I have some regular SD girl shoes still shipping, there are some that look like men’s dress shoes, and the regular flat SD girl shoes within the standard range of 7cm length usually fit. It’s just hard to find shoes without bows and embellishments. Once they’ve arrived I will update this post.

Iplehouse Claude – Walden Ambrose

Update: The shoes arrived, and they fit, but I had to trash them. The faux leather coating came off in thousand tiny flakes. The seller refunded the purchase price, but it was still a disappointment.

6 thoughts on “More MSD shoes that fit FID men”

  1. Ah, men's shoes. The perennial complaint. I am getting ready to part with my Dollshe Fashion Saint, who fits into absolutely no shoes that I have in the house–and after more than 10 years in the hobby I have a lot of shoes in many different sizes! I've seen some shoes online that look absolutely perfect, except that no measurements are given. Just calling them MSD size doesn't really help me. (You, on the other hand, have been incredibly lucky.)

  2. Can the Fashion Saint wear different feet if you can't find shoes? True. But even if there are measurements it's not of much use if the opening is too small to fit a high instep. I am glad the guys don't require that many shoes.

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