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Raccoon shoe fit test – kids and women

I bought lots of shoes for my new Raccoon Kid Jenny and the NapoSlim and Newslim bodies. The new Raccoon women bodies have larger feet, and I found some great chucks that fit them as well as Iplehouse Fid women.

My sources for all these shoes are two of my favorite AliExpress shops for doll shoes that are not specifically BJD shoes. When you follow the links you might get redirected to a machine translated local version of AliExpress for your country. Don’t worry, you can change that. I will add some recommendations for shopping on AliExpress at the end of this post.

Unfortunately a search for BJD items like shoes means that a lot of shops that also sell recasts will pop up. For that reason I always check first if shops sell dolls as well. If they are recasts, I avoid them on principle. But there are also a couple of official brand shops with great quality items, like Jusuns doll wigs e.g. And AliExpress is a great source for sewing items like small buttons, lace, ribbons and dollhouse props.

I found some great shops there over the years, and the following are two of them.

The first one is called Baobaole, and the shoes are very affordable. The quality is not what you might be used to from BJD company shoes, but really ok for the price. I ordered shoes for Blythe, Paola Reina and my little Monst dolls from this shop. They offer shoes by size, and some of them fit the smaller old Raccoon woman feet and Raccoon Kid feet as well. The Raccoon Kids come with slightly wider feet than most YOSD. But changing the feet with the original small women feet is an option.

Shoes for Raccoon kids and old women feet

The first two pictures show shoes that fit the old Raccoon women feet, the original slim body came with those small feet.

The black 1/6 chucks fit Iplehouse Kids and Raccoon old women feet, unfortunately they don’t go on the Raccoon Kid feet. They come in various colors (just as the white ones in the second picture). I exchanged the shoe laces for thinner ones.

I will link the items below the pictures. Just in case the link breaks over time because the product is listed differently, the product description is in the picture.

Product link on AliExpress


These white sneakers are a variation of the 1/6 canvas sneakers with a strap closure, and the brown shoes are EXO doll shoes. The canvas sneakers fit YOSD and Raccoon old feet, the brown ones fit the Raccoon Kids as well.


White shoesBrown shoes


And now shoes for the Raccoon Kids. The Kids have difficult feet. Large, wide and a very wide and flat heel. I really hope that Raccoon will consider making an update on the bodies when the girls are popular enough. Forearms and ankles could be a bit slimmer. The feet are designed to match the Paola Reina foot style, they don’t look like BJD feet. It would be great if Raccoon would make YOSD sized feet for this body and tweak the features a bit to look more BJD style. It’s frustrating if you have a hard time finding shoes for a doll, and it might put people off from ordering one.

Maybe I will sand the heels of my girl a bit. But even without sanding there are quite a couple of nice shoe options. Most promising are shoes designed for ExoPlush dolls/Ruby Red dolls, they are about 5×2.8cm. The black and brown shoes in the next picture are the same size as the brown shoes above. When you follow the link you will find different colors. They fit nicely (especially with a bit of heating) and don’t look too large. The product description reads “5*2.8cm Shoes For Korea KPOP 15cm 20cm EXO Stars Dolls Toy Boots 1/6 Sneakers Plush Dolls Accessorries Doll Toys”.

Added after I published this post: Younan told me on Instagram that Ruby Red fashion friends and siblies shoes are a great fit. I don’t have any (yet), but I am sure he’ll post a video about them over on his Youtube Channel Younans dolls . He sent me some pictures (I couldn’t download them from Instagram, but thank you very much for the effort). They are about 5mm larger than the Exodoll shoes in the picture below. But they look like a good and easy to find option.


Boots for Raccoon kids


These are the shoes Jenny wears in her box opening post. They come in various colors and fit the old women feet as well. They sit tight on the kids, but are a nice option to go with a dress.


Mary Janes for Kid


The next picture shows shoes for Paola Reina. They are a bit wide, but work if you don’t mind the chunky look.

Brown  and black


You can probably find all these on Ebay as well. These are just a few options out of many. And if you try other shoes listed as 5×2.8cm doll shoes and they don’t fit, the loss is not that great. All these are cheap. And if you find some great shoes for the girls, please let me know in the comments or post about it in the Raccoon kid discussion on DOA.


Chucks for Raccoon women new feet and Iple Fid girls

The second shop is called Tilda Quality Toys and Gifts. The shoes are better quality than most of the similar style shoes, they are a bit more expensive but still very affordable.

These come in black, white, jeans and beige. The body in the picture below is the NapoSlim, and I really like how the shoes look. They are a bit wider than Slim Mini BJD shoes, but they look absolutely in proportion. I got all the colors.

Chucks for Raccoon and FID


I exchanged the laces with white yarn, I am not a fan of super long and thick shoe laces. They fit the Kids too, but are large in proportion of course.

And last but not least: I found some lovely shoes for Rachel as well. She has long but very narrow feet, and it’s really difficult to find something for this artist doll foot size.

They are also from Tilda, 1/6 Retro high heels. They come in various colors as well.


A few recommendations for a smooth shopping experience on AliExpress

When you don’t have an account or visit for the first time, AliExpress will grab your IP or browser settings and redirect you to a machine translated local version. The results can be hilarious, but most of the time the translations are just confusing. I recommend going to the international “com” version to set up an account. You can specify your country, your currency and English as the language of choice. Deny popup- and browser notifications and best sign up with an email address you don’t need regularly. I use an email address I only set up for this kind of shopping. Ordering from AliExpress means you get a  LOT of mail, offers, special deals and so on. You can’t really do anything about it, even if you specify in your account settings that you don’t want those.

In case you have safety concerns: I was a bit afraid to order before I created an account many years ago, but I took a few “precautions”. You need a credit card to shop there. I always use either Paypal or a prepaid card for online shopping. Most shops on AliExpress don’t offer Paypal as a payment method, so a prepaid credit card is the safest option. If something should happen, the loss is limited. But other than that it’s quite safe – or as safe as Ebay. A bit of common sense, some rating checks, checks how long the shop exists and you are good to go. The few times items didn’t arrive I got a full refund from AliExpress or the seller. You can see an average rating of the shop when you check the store information. It’s always a good sign if the shop exists for a while and the ratings are good. Shipping speed is relative, though. It just takes a while, from two weeks to a month. If something goes wrong, you can open a dispute and get a refund.

I have bought a lot of doll stuff from AliExpress, mostly for the unstrung dolls, props, sewing notions and so on. My overall experience is very good. Happy shopping 🙂

I hope this was helpful for you if you are looking for shoe options for your girls.

6 thoughts on “Raccoon shoe fit test – kids and women”

  1. Thank you so much for this in depth review!!! That’s really annoying they’ve got such problem feet though – you’d think they’d have learnt from the women’s feet?! I think I’ll ask on the Raccoondoll Q&A board if they’d consider making more standard size YoSD feet, I wouldn’t mind about having to buy them separately. Also I want to ask if they think they’ll ever make the Kids with elf ears, I just think they’d be super cute as elves! In the meantime, I guess I’ll see if any of my existing shoes fit her once she arrives – probably unlikely by the sound of it, having seen your post – and then decide what to do from there.

    1. Thank you! I have heard from Younans on Insta that Ruby Red fashion friends and siblies shoes are also a great fit. I will add that info to the post. I agree, and yes, please ask on the QA on Raccoon!

  2. OMG I need a credit card. Those Tilda high heels are just what I need. Thank you very much for this post! Very helpful.

    1. Thank you! Those are great, she didn’t have any nice looking shoes since I got her, just boots. I ordered more colors of the same style already.

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