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Boneka doll shoes worn by Iplehouse JID and Myou

I needed some more shoes for my Myou Twins, and since they can wear the same shoes that fit Iplehouse JIDs I ordered some more Boneka shoes. They have the classic doll shoe look, but they’re inexpensive and they arrive within days after ordering for a change, thanks to national shipping.

And I am working on a new project. A project about shoes, and that’s why I have been posting shoe reference pictures. I will tell you more about it when I have the basics ready to publish it.

The white and black are girl’s shoes, the brown pair is made for boys, but they’re the same size. These are shoes size 057N, and they can be ordered in a variety of colours. They are made for Helen Kish 14″ dolls (not BJD), but they fit perfectly.

Boneka 057N shoes – JID girl


Myou 45 with Boneka 057N


JID with Boneka 057N

These are regular slim mini shoes. They fit JID girls okay-ish, but look a little odd. At least worn with this dress. ;).


3 thoughts on “Boneka doll shoes worn by Iplehouse JID and Myou”

  1. I agree the last pair looks a little odd. Maybe it's the dress, but if the fit is a bit loose maybe they would look better with stockings or socks? I haven't tried Boneka shoes. I'll try them for my girls that share with JID.

  2. They do look better with socks. But still a bit bulky. Maybe you can get Boneka shoes from Dollpeddlar? Shipping from the shop in my link will probably take ages. It was just fast for me because it was national shipping. Have you checked Debsadorables on Ebay for Helen Kish shoes? I think they're prettier than boneka shoes, but she doesn't ship to Europe.

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