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Fashion doll shoes from facets for FID

As promised some pictures of fashion doll shoes from Marcia They are Evangeline Ghastly/American model doll size, and unfortunately they are not a good fit, at least not on the heel feet the girls come with. They might fit better on the high heel feet which are sold as doll option parts and are not part of the basic doll. I will test it later, once I got them. Facets shoes are very thin and fragile, and they are very narrow. They’re inexpensive, though.

The first two are sold as Open toe sandals and Curve sandals for American Model. While both of them are too long, the open toe sandals are a better fit. If you don’t mind that the toes don’t show they are okayish. She can stand in all of the shoes, but the curve sandals easily fall off, they’re too wide as well.

Facets shoes in American Model/Evangeline Resin size on Iplehouse FID feet


These two are called Sitting pretty and Lace up shoe. While both stay on the lace up shoes give the foot a weird angle – you can see that the heel doesn’t really connect. And those tiny laces are awfully fiddly, the material is downright flimsy and probably tears easily.

Facets shoes in American Model/Evangeline Resin size on Iplehouse FID feet


These are Gibson calf boots in AM size and as a comparison DeeAnnaDenton shoes from Releaserain. Which go on if you warm them up, but they’re very tight. Once they’re on they look better than all the others, though. The Gibson boots are nice, but the front has an upturn I am not particularly fond of.

The last one is a DeeAnna Denton shoe, very tight fit

I guess it really depends on who makes the shoes if a size fits or not. I hope Iplehouse will adjust the foot size to give customers more shoe options. What’s the point in making fashion dolls with next to no shoe options to go with the fashions?

4 thoughts on “Fashion doll shoes from facets for FID”

  1. The open toe sandals are good-looking, if a little too long. They'd look better if they showed more toe. I don't really like any of the others except for the shoe on the bottom, which you had to warm up to put on. The Gibson calf boots remind me of the Wicked Witch of the West! Unfortunately many of the Facets shoes for fashion dolls turn up at the toe like that. It's not a good look.

  2. Haha.. wicked witch.. But I bought them thinking of a Gibson dress to go with them. Maybe Iple will do something about the feet. Or Sherry Fang starts making shoes for FID. One can hope, right?

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