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Heel feet for FID guys

This was a request, and I am happy to provide an aswer to the question what options there are if you want to put heels on a FID muscle body. Somebody suggested JID girl feet, but they don’t work.

Good news: FID guys can use SID/nYID heel feet that came with the classic body version (not the new SID woman body). SID/nYID women feet are an alternative if you don’t mind a transition from leg to foot that’s not entirely smooth.They are offered on the Iplehouse option parts page, and although there is a little gap the FID guys can stand unaided in Iple women heel feet shoes. I put Everett’s original foot next to the switched heel foot, and as you can see the SID women heel feet are much closer in size to his foot than the JID girl feet.


FID man with nYID feet


JID girl feet
He’s going to hate me for this forever.
BJD bodyreview – ResinRapture


BJD bodyreview – ResinRapture


4 thoughts on “Heel feet for FID guys”

  1. Interesting comparison. I suppose this would be the way to go if someone wants to put an FID man into high-heeled boots. (I vaguely recall someone looking for just such a boot to fit FID male feet–and not finding any.) The extra height also can be useful to differentiate characters when all the dolls are the same size. But you're right: Everett doesn't look too pleased about modeling the ladylike pumps.

  2. It's funny that high heels were originally designed to be worn by men. And if you dress your guy in some kind of rokoko garment, semi-high heels would be the choice of foot wear I imagine. I hope he'll forgive the ordeal if I make something for him next 🙂

  3. You're right. I had forgotten the historical context. Judging by Everett's expression, I'm guessing that whatever you make for him had better be good and manly. 😉

  4. He's not really mad, he was a dancer after all, and he's used to wearing rather extravagant costumes. But his feet hurt and he almost lost his balance, and I guess that was what he found embarrassing. In any case he'll get something new ;). I promise it won't be pink.

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