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Pimp your boots

The black boots in the first picture came with my two new girls. I like them, but I originally ordered them in brown. By the time my dolls were shipping the brown shoes were out of stock, and I decided to take them in black instead of a refund. One can never have enough boots for the dolls, so they are a nice addition to the stash. And they are a bit higher than what I had been looking for, so I still needed brown boots for my plans.

FID boots from Iplehouse


I found some Matt Tonner sized boots for the FID girls on Ebay that looked just right. They are from he-meife, one of my favorite sellers. And since I couldn’t resist Raccoon’s discount there will be another girl who needs boots, so I ordered some lace-ups in brown as well. This week I received the package, just one week after buying them. I hadn’t expected them before the end of October, but shipping was incredibly fast.

BJD shoes for FID from he-meife


The first pair was just right for what I had in mind: Boho boot cuffs for the FID girls. Two hours of fiddly work later my boot cuffs are ready to wear. Now I just need to finish the outfits to go with them. I am quite happy with the way they turned out, even though I would have liked the boots to be a bit smaller. But they were the closest to FID size I could find, and they are not that huge. The boot cuffs are really just cuffs, I can take them off or make more in a different style.


BJD shoes with boot cuffs


BJD shoes – ResinRapture

8 thoughts on “Pimp your boots”

  1. Love the boot cuffs! What’s nice is that you can make several in different styles to accompany different outfits. I really should buy some footwear from he-meife for my FIDs. They don’t look like doll shoes. If you didn’t say where they came from, I’d think they were boots you had bought for yourself.

    1. Thank you! They do look more like real shoes and less like the usual doll shoes, that’s why I like them so much. Haha, I only buy lots of shoes for dolls, my own feet have to make do with three pairs of shoes.

  2. They look awesome Mia! Now that you have mastered these, can we see more colours coming? 🙂 I also like that the boots can be worn different ways now.
    Big hugs,

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