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Shoes and boots reference pictures- Iplehouse large girls

This is a picture reference in answer to the question how SD boy boots look on Iplehouse Ladies.

My favorite boots for the large girls are actually standard size SD boots from ACbjd. They fit all large girls, come in brown, black and white and the girls stand like a rock in them. They don’t look that oversized, and they can be worn with pants and skirts.
Link to item
This is how they look on a SID, and here you can see them worn by a nYID.

My favorite boots on Iple SID

Eryn (SID body) is wearing SD boy sneakers in the picture below.

SD boy sneakers on SID girl

These are SD boy boots, they are ankle boots and come with a tiny zipper. Tristania (EID) wears them in this picture. Link to item.

SD chucks on EID woman

I bought these for Enoch, but they can be worn by girls as well. They look rather long, though. They are wamami boots I found on ebay.

Wamami boots on EID woman

I just received these, they’re rrabit SD10/13 Girl BLS007 – Black – Square Mary Jane Shoes. They are very tight, and they only fit the updated heel feet (they were renewed in 2015 I believe), but they look very good and come in several colours. The buckles are a bit fiddly though.

Lovely find



4 thoughts on “Shoes and boots reference pictures- Iplehouse large girls”

  1. I love them too. Must have at least 8 pairs in all colors. They are available in 1/4 size as well. 6.5cmx2.8cm. I wanted to use the reference for the project later.
    I hope your doll meet was nice. 🙂

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