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JID boys wearing sneakers and dollzone boots

My boys don’t have that many shoes. They are quite content with sneakers and a pair of boots, and although I have other shoes for them they tend to wear the same shoes with everything. They’re boys, after all.

The first picture shows the Iple Jid boy foot, which is rather narrow compared to other boy feet. It looks as if it could almost fit into the MSD girl shoe. It doesn’t, though. But Iple JID boys fit into some standard unisex sneakers and boots, and since I found some that look good I didn’t bother searching for other shoe options.

Iplehouse JID boy
These sneakers are standard MSD sneakers. I ordered them from ACbjd, they are available in different colours. Even if the item description sais 6.2 inner length and JID boys feet are listed with 6.5cm, they fit. (I measured Finn’s feet, and they are 6.2cm, apparently Iple made a mistake in the item description on the order page of the JID boys) The first time you put them on you need to wiggle the foot in, but once they have been worn for a bit you can even put them on with socks. Those sneakers seem to be forgiving, probably the reason why even SID guys fit into the 70+boys version.
MSD sneakers JID boy


Peregrin has some fancy shoes, too. They’re rrabbit boots, Rosie holiday antique line for MSD. They are available in several colors, this is chocolate. I can’t test it, but I guess the SD girl version fits FID men.
rrabbit boots on JID boy

These black boots are Finns favorites. They look the right size compared to other MSD boy boots. They are regular basic Dollzone boots, they are also available in white and you can get them in almost every doll clothes shop. I don’t even remember where I got them, but they’re item 0614b in the Denverdoll shop.

Dollzone Boots


These are the Dollzone basic shoes, but compared with the boots they look huge. And they are wider than his feet and longer than the boots.

Dollzone shoes


These were actually the first boots I got for the boys, and even though they don’t look as large as other MSD boots, they’re still a bit off  proportion wise. At least for my taste. If you like a boy in military style clothing, they’d be fine, probably. They’re from ACbjd, too.


Noname boots from ACbjd

3 thoughts on “JID boys wearing sneakers and dollzone boots”

  1. Good job! Love the top photo–it's an effective way to show that the toes are too long for the shoe. The bottom photo doesn't look all that out of proportion to me. Work boots need to look like they can withstand some rough use, which these do. Finn's boots look perfect for a fashion boot rather than a work boot. And no doubt about it, those Dollzone shoes look big. I have a pair that looks like that, although I don't think they were Dollzone. My Dollmore vampire boy is the only one who can wear them as he is the closest I have to a standard MSD size.

  2. The last one really doesn't look that big in the picture. Maybe they just look bigger if you put them on with skinny pants that can be worn tucked in the boots.

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