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TrickyBJDFeet – a new project

If you have been wondering why I posted so many shoe reference pictures, this was the reason:

I would like to introduce a new project: TrickyBJDFeet, a shoe finding help for BJD with petite or oversized feet. Tricky feet.

I have been wanting to do this for some time, and started with a basic concept in August. But since it was quite a bit of work, balljointedwoman joined in to help. She is the blog-author of AstheResinWorldTurns, and we have been following each other’s blogs for years. And Musume from MydollyAdventures added her research regarding mini heel feet. Thanks again, you’ve been great!

In short: Take a look and spread the news! The link to the discussion on DOA is still missing, and I’ll add it when the mods have decided where to start the discussion.

Click the image or follow the link to go to TrickyFeet.

6 thoughts on “TrickyBJDFeet – a new project”

  1. I tried to send it on DOA, but the messenger messed up the code. But I send an explanation how to do it, and you can simply copy the code from the first text snippet on the tricky feet blog below the little banner.:)

  2. Thank you so much for doing this project, and including me on it!! I do think it is going to be really helpful for people in the hobby, as some dolls really are hard to shop shoes for!!

  3. Thank you! I just hope the DOA mods will decide that it might be posted and discussed on DOA. I asked a while ago and since then the answer is pending…

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