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Category: Diorama

Porch diorama in the making

After I finished the porch bench for the girls, they complained that they didn’t even have a porch. Time to build one. Since lack of storage space is always a

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Couch potatoes

Ruben and Tristania both had a busy day. It’s a cold and rainy evening, and Ruben is watching some old Dr. House episodes on DVD while he’s waiting for Tristania

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What can I get you?

Queenie and Roux are over at Eve’s Eatery for a quick lunch. It’s Bell’s shift and they have a little chat while she’s taking their orders. Queenie and Roux have

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Merry Christmas

  A merry Christmas to all of you! I hope you have a great time and happy holidays. Christmas preparations… The kids had a lot of fun.   I will

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Saturday story time

Eryn and Solovet needed to go shopping today, so Seraphine and Tristania look after Fiona and Amanthis. They all came over for breakfast. Amanthis loves strawberry jam, and she only

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Building a fireplace

A comfy armchair in front of a fireplace, a good book and a cup of tea… I always dreamed of having a fireplace, but since that’ll stay a dream I

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Work in progress

Slow but steady… I started with this in January, and I’ll add the pictures from the first post again. Since I managed to damage the diorama I made some time

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Art props

The creation of Leander’s art studio requires some props. I made most of it, but the tiny set of drawers and his easel are bought. I just added some varnish

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Stella’s room

A teenage doll’s realm I finally finished Stella‘s room. It was a lot of fun, because there is so much of her personality in it and I really went into

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Building a BJD bed

I had plans for Stella’s room for quite a while and finally had the time to start building the furniture I have in mind. I could have simply bought a

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Fat quarters – Quilting lesson

Although Moonchildren are not christian, they do celebrate their variety of christmas. At december the 21th they celebrate winter soltice with old Moonchild midwinter rites, and the following days they

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The healer’s laboratory

Since it was a public holiday today I had some time to build the laboratory for Unnea. Unnea is a Moonchild healer and makes all kinds of potions and herbal

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Making deadly potions

Well, not really. But I want to build a laboratory for Unnea, and I need props. First I went through my box with things I keep because they might be

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