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Tag: Other dolls

A little savage arrived

As I wrote in the last post, I was waiting for a little Monst doll to arrive. One of three, to be precise. I ordered this one first, and the

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Ying Yang – Xinyi repaint

I finished this girl even before Christie and Nora, but since Xinyi dolls are smaller and slimmer than Barbie, she needed some more clothes first. As it happens the #monday4dolls

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Nature girl and Diva

Same sculpt repaint project part one: nature girl and Diva Haha, we’re not done with the repaint phase. I thought about creating a separate blog for all the non-BJD dolls,

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Kissmela doll OOAK paint

Kissmela or the smallest face I have ever painted Kissmela fashion dolls have been around for a while. This mold (Anne) was released in 2016, I believe. But up until

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Dolly critter friends

Free pattern for a simple dolly critter friend. Who doesn’t want a cuddly companion? Create your own horde of critters for your dolls 🙂

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Ladybugs and mischief

When I had finished Coco I thought a sister for her would be fun. While Coco is a sweet little sunshine , I wanted her sister to be more of

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Dolly tattoo doodles

I usually don’t like to mix my real life job and the dolls. But since my shop is closed once again, I thought why not use the dolls as an

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Free Blythe coat pattern

ResinRapture free patterns for Blythe. This little coat / jacket pattern is made for the Pure Neemo S body. The pattern for the dress in the picture will be up next time.

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Free Blythe overall pattern and tutorial

Free Blythe pattern and tutorial for a simple overall with a bib, a shirt and a matching hair band. The pattern is made to fit the Pure Neemo S body, but you can use it for similar sizes like Kruseling girls or Kurhn as well.

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Smiling with Coco

No, this is not a post about the magical effect of chocolate. Or blow. Never tried the latter, the first definitively makes me happy. Coco is my third little Blythe

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