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A little savage arrived

As I wrote in the last post, I was waiting for a little Monst doll to arrive. One of three, to be precise. I ordered this one first, and the other two after I received this one (Linda made me do it :D).

In case you are not familiar with these tiny cuties: They are original legit rubber dolls made by the Chinese company Xiaomi, or by a subsidiary called Youpin. The doll brand is called Monst, and they make BJD as well. The BJD can be found at eluts for example.

But what I have here is a YouPin Monst Savage jointed Rubber doll – that’s at least the description and name that leads to the most results when you search for them. I got mine from AliExpress, but you can find them on Amazon as well. The product name on the box reads “Monst yemanbaobei doll”, but they are most often sold as Monst Savage dolls. As far as I could see, there are currently five different dolls for sale, the first three models appear to be sold out except for ChouChou (the one with the grumpy face). My little girl goes by the name GuoGuo, and I am still waiting for Bear and ChouChou. I plan to repaint all of them.

They come with the clothes they wear in the sales picture (except the shoes). The clothes are really well made, and packed separately in a little box. The shoes she is wearing in my pictures are Blythe shoes, and according to the product information she can wear Holala doll clothes. Since I don’t have any, I can’t confirm that.

It’s funny that the age recommendation on the box says “15+”. Most of the information on the box is Chinese, but some of it is English. I wonder why a really big Chinese company doesn’t pay a translation agency to translate the advertising text. Whatever they wanted to say, it got lost in translation. Never mind, the quality speaks for itself.


Monst Savage doll box


YouPin Monst Savage dolls are 20cm tall, articulated and have rooted hair. They are made of solid, smooth rubber and are really good quality. The material of the body looks and feels like a PureNeemo Blythe body. The hands have a lot of detail and the hair is smooth and soft. A bit shiny, but good quality as well. The face paint is very detailed and fine, much better than Mattel face paint e.g. She can stand well unaided despite the large head.

If you enlarge the picture you can see she has tiny hearts as white light reflections in her eyes. I didn’t comb her hair or flatten her collar, I just took the pictures while I still had a bit of light. I hope you can excuse the messy look. Just in case any of you own one of these cuties and found clothes from other doll lines that fit her, please share that information in the comments.



Have a lovely weekend!

10 thoughts on “A little savage arrived”

  1. I have one, great to sew for(i like the challenge of small dolls).more realistic eye paint would be awesome but cute as is.

  2. I read the last post, but I didn’t know which type of doll you were referring to. She’s adorable! That photo you titled “good balance” is great, and dynamic! She’s really cute <3
    Can't wait to see the repaint!

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