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Kissmela doll OOAK paint

Kissmela or the smallest face I have ever painted

Kissmela fashion dolls have been around for a while. This mold (Anne) was released in 2016, I believe. But up until recently there were next to no pictures of her. It was difficult to find anything about her when I ordered mine. I am not sure why she has become so popular in the meantime, probably somebody posted a picture somewhere and lots of people bought her.

There are other Kissmela doll heads, Ms Peng and Linn, but this one is the most expressive in my opinion. There is a Kissmela doll body, but I have mine on a Mengfan “Original Chinese woman doll body 1/6”.  The original body comes with a very long neck, and I am not a fan of the look with her high forehead. The Mengfan body is a perfect color match, and the size looks very nice with her small head. The body is a bit smaller than the Barbie MTM body, but has almost as many points of articulation. To be honest, the quality seems better. No rough seam lines, all neat and smooth, like most of the Chinese branded fashion dolls.

She is not so much a re-paint as an OOAK paint- she didn’t have a face before. As far as I know the doll always comes blank. I had her in a box for almost a year, and I have to admit I was a bit afraid if I could paint her. Or rather see what I paint. But with my new magnifying lamp that’s a problem of the past.

But still, her face is super tiny, so far the smallest face I have ever painted. Lots of character, though, which is really surprising for such a small face. I gave her a haircut as well.


OOAK Barbie & Kissmela head size comparison


I have to make some clothes for her, the grey sweater she is wearing is a bought one for Blythe.



#bellaonkickstarter – a crowdfunding project

And I will use the opportunity to tell you about a project the next pictures are for: #bellaonkickstarter. It’s a crowdfunding project started by doll photographer Izabella Kwella (Bella_barbiedoll on facebook, Instagram: @bella_belladoll). She wants to publish a book about doll photography. I first saw her work on my blogger friend Kamelia’s blog, and she really brings 1/6 scale dolls to life. Check out Bella’s Instagram or facebook and support her project 🙂

12 thoughts on “Kissmela doll OOAK paint”

      1. Thank you for asking, it went very well. I spoke my dad on the phone and he sounded really good,
        I’m relieved. 😊 PS Vanessa Paradis is a French singer and ex of Johnny Depp.

  1. Pretty doll Mia, and you’ve done a wonderful job, but she has such a high forehead. 🙂 It is said that’s a sign of intelligence, but not sure if that applies to dolls though.
    Big hugs,

  2. It was you who told me about this doll. And I find her really intresting. I love the face you gave her. I don’t know what to think about the forehead. 😉
    I’m quite intrested in the body you mentioned. I have to check it.

    1. Thank you :). She certainly is interesting, and pretty versatile. The other head sculpts have that high forehead as well, but I don’t really “see” her’s anymore. I can send you pictures of the body if you like.

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