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Dolly doodles no 2- with an update

Remember the Blythe tattoo doodles?  I did some sketches for Barbie today. It wasn’t planned, really, so they are just very rough sketches, but I thought I’d share them anyway. And I used my usual yellowish sketching paper. Unfortunately my scanner tries to adjust the contrast to the paper color, and the result is a loss of details. I took some pictures with my phone to show the difference.

The first one is the classic Barbie. The second one is really just a quick sketch of a 1981 Barbie, that was my first and only childhood Barbie. I have no idea what became of her.




And the 1981 Barbie…


This is just a bit of Sunday afternoon fun. I have to go back to job-drawings, now. 🙂

Update: I add this here, since I want to keep the drawings together in one post:

Do you have boxes with doll stuff? Lots of them, maybe? I thought I’d make some labels for doll stuff.



Doll stuff box label



Doll sewing stuff box label



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