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Ladybugs and mischief

When I had finished Coco I thought a sister for her would be fun. While Coco is a sweet little sunshine , I wanted her sister to be more of a mischievous brat. The sunny versa impish smile. This is going to be a very picture heavy post, so be warned.

I opened the mouth this time to give this little girl tiny teeth. It took a while until I got there with her, I changed the eyebrows twice, experimented with hairdos and finally decided to get her some goofy ears.

The pictures show her in her various stages from hint-of -mischief with eighties hair to her final fun brat look. I have to make more outfits for her, I think overalls and plain colored shirts are her choice. The pictures with the grey sweater show her with the first version of brows. She didn’t look mischievous enough for my taste. I made the brows a bit stronger, like in the pictures with the salmon colored dress. And I love those brownish-grey eyes. They are from my Christmas lights edition (I didn’t publish those). I also removed the bling from her pullstrings, it was just too much.

First versions, not quite there.

I am not sure if I should cut off even more of her hair. For now I think the shorter locks around her ears work, and I can tie the rest back. I am always a bit hesitant about cutting hair- even though I already cut off some. It was a lot longer, almost knee-length.

But since her ears arrived she is complete, they really added that missing element.  I got a bit carried away when I took pictures of her today. But she is just so much fun.

Meet Mona. And don’t trust her ;).
And I made the ladybug. I’ll post a simple pattern for dolly critter friends separately. They are very easy to make and a fun way to make use of cabbage.

4 thoughts on “Ladybugs and mischief”

  1. Mia, you did a wonderful job. 🙂 The teeth and lips are fantastic, and I LOVE the eyebrows. Her ears balance everything out perfectly, well done!!! About the hair: it’s really nice with the two locks in front of her ears. The contrast of her looks with her sweet sister/friend is awesome. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much! When you spend so much time on tiny changes it’s sometimes hard to decide when to stop – or if it’s enough. But the ears really do make a huge difference. I love how goofy they look.

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