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Dolly tattoo doodles

I usually don’t like to mix my real life job and the dolls. But since my shop is closed once again, I thought why not use the dolls as an inspiration for some doll tattoo designs? The dolls are keeping me occupied and sane, but I really miss my job. And of course I am not really happy about not being allowed to earn my living. My savings won’t last forever.

Anyways, enough of the whine, I am healthy and never bored, so I should be glad.

And nobody can forbid creativity, so I just do it for fun and share the result with you. If you happen to live in my area and want to get some dolly ink – I’d be happy to do it once I am allowed to work again. I would love to do the one with the cupcake, either in black & grey with a little bit of color or in really bright colors. Actually- I would love to do all of them :D.

I chose Blythe for the dolly doodle designs because they’re cute and recognizable. I could imagine a couple of nice BJD designs, but apart from the joints mine don’t really look that much like dolls. I use them as models if I want to do a drawing of humans in specific poses.

But I only know of one customer who collects dolls (she was the one who gave me the face plates), and she prefers Celtic designs. I have done doll and teddy tattoos before, but mostly broken/ragged and with a definitive touch of goth.

If you actually really want to use these as tattoo designs I am sure your artist will be able to modify them and add color or shadows. And of course I would love to see the result.

And as usual, I appreciate your subscription if you are new here and want to use these.



ResinRapture DollyDoodles The customizer design



ResinRapture DollyDoodles- I certainly dolled my life up, lol



ResinRapture DollyDoodles- Black hair, bright blue eyes and colorful beads?


And I thought I’ll add one for practicing eyebrows. Or scribbling facial features. I actually do that myself if I am not sure where I want to go with a character.


ResinRapture DollyDoodles-Eyebrow practice


Do you like stuff like this? Let me know in the comments 🙂

10 thoughts on “Dolly tattoo doodles”

  1. I l-o-v-e the Blythe with the pull strings drawing! I would totally get that ink! (I have 14 tattoos.) So beautiful.

  2. These designs are awesome Mia! I love each one of them, and the fact that there is one for every kind of Blythe enthusiast. 😀 The templates for make-up are also great! If I were a Blythe fan, I would definitely go for the last one, with the cupcake, I hope someone will want it and stop by your shop to get it.

    I’ll cross my fingers for you that everything can open again soon!

    1. Thank you! I think the one with the cupcake is my favorite, too. I love doing faces or tats that look at you. And thanks for keeping your fingers crossed. It really starts to get to me. Maybe I should do a Sasha or Monica design 😀

  3. They are all so fabulous Mia it’s difficult to choose a favourite, but if I had to, it’s the cupcake. 😍 Id love to see you do other doll tattoos too!
    Big hugs,

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