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Tag: New doll clothes

3 new Monstdoll dresses

Jellybean and Milka have new dresses :). Milka’s new dress is a flowery dress in her favorite color, Milka chocolate lavender. I forgot to tie her shoes, those little laces

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Viveca in old rose

Just two new outfits for Viveca. The first one is a combination of maroon yoga pants and a shirt. First I thought the combination of lace and stripes would be

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Just a girl in a dress

I have been very busy with sorting such a lot of pictures for my job that I didn’t have much time for the dolls. But I finished a dress for

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Wild wigs and flowery shirts

I recently found this light blond wig in the wig box. It’s one of the last Monique wigs I found before the company closed. Judith’s hairstyle is still something I

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Petal knit and leather belts

Another new fabric. It’s always hard to find patterns in small scale, but this brown knit with tiny orange petals was a nice find. The flowers are supposed to be

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Green turtleneck as promised

Remember the too tight striped turtle neck Melisande borrowed from Queenie? I promised to make one for her in her size. Here it is. It doesn’t look exactly the same,

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More stripes for Queenie

The striped shirt I made for Queenie suited her personality so well that I made a second one in different colors. This stripy fabric is one of the latest acquisitions,

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Spring time reminder

What does Walden want to tell me? Okay, I admit it, I didn’t post pictures of him for a long time, but he is not forgotten. The day before Worker’s

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Monday shirts

Another stripy shirt-Monday. I have been playing a bit with combinations, and I found a blue knit that looked like a good match for one of the stripe pattern colors.

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Long time no see – Eryn

It seems everybody is digging up the neglected dolls lately. I have seen quite a few of them appearing on other people’s blogs. It’s nice to see, really. Or see

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Enoch’s new habit

One of the least photographed dolls in my collection is Enoch. His white skin and the first cowl I made for him are incredibly difficult to photograph, at least for

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Long time no see – Corvin

Another guy who has not been in front of a camera for at least three years. Poor Corvin. The light wasn’t the best, so he looks either overexposed or rather

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A rose for Rachel

Yes, I know, it’s a bit late for a Valentine’s Day post. But this beautiful rose was a gift, and I wanted to use it in a picture. I made

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Dolls and chocolate

As it happens, I love both. And while dolls are certainly more expensive, they are probably better for your waistline. But without a weekly dose of both – dolls and

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