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Mistakes to fashion

Has it ever happened to you that you cut the same pattern piece twice, I mean without flipping it over for the right or left side? Of course you can just make a second shirt with the same pattern. Or you can use your single “useless” piece and mix it with a different fabric to make it a bit more interesting.

The shirt Karla wears in the first pictures is a result of a mistake. It was the first of several shirts I made in this style, the ones I made after this were pattern-mixed on purpose.

I do have a lot of fabric, but people who follow my blog will have seen some of the fabrics used for several garments. I thought this was just nice to have a bit of variation. Karla seems to think so, too.


The second fabric already looks like this. I would have liked the shoulder triangles to end below the boobs, but they are not big enough. And this way the brightest triangle ends just at the waist, so I am happy with it.

4 thoughts on “Mistakes to fashion”

  1. Anyone who sews has made the same mistake Mia, so you’re not on your own there. 🙂 Mistakes can sometime make us think outside of the box as you did. I think you did a great job of both tops, they look beautiful on Karla.

  2. Of course I did that. And I even have a box of mistaken pieces. But who knows… Maybe they will be needed someday. 😉

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