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More clothes for Antonia

Antonia saw me working on Rachel’s hoodie, and she insisted on getting one too. Well, she asked me nicely. Several times. So I caved and made one for her too. I made this before she decided that she didn’t want the wig I bought for her and chose to be a bit more fiery. But I still think it works nice with her hair. And she’s happy now 🙂

You’ve seen these outfits in the Leggings-Pattern post before, but I didn’t publish all the pictures. Here are some more.


She has lots of outfits that are for playing outside, but these are for Grandma visits and other special occasions.


And last but not least some stripes..

4 thoughts on “More clothes for Antonia”

  1. She is such a lucky girl to have all those fantastic clothes and she looks gorgeous in them. Unfortunately my Jenny seems to be stuck in Heathrow. I just hope the customs haven’t got her.

    1. Thank you! I hope your Jenny will arrive safe and sound, I guess there is as much sickness absence rate as anywhere at this time of year. Or she has cleared customs but hasn’t been scanned again yet. It sometimes just takes time. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  2. I love all the clothes, the hoodie is gorgeous and so are the dresses, wonderful work Mia!! Hugs!

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