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Petal knit and leather belts

Another new fabric. It’s always hard to find patterns in small scale, but this brown knit with tiny orange petals was a nice find. The flowers are supposed to be tulips, I believe. Hard to tell. Roux loves all browns, and she combined the dress with her leather vest. I made a belt for her, too. Unfortunately I managed to smudge her chin with the camera. She fell, and I tried to catch her mid-fall with the camera still in hand. Over the years most of my dolls have suffered from falls or other mishaps, but as long as they are almost invisible I don’t want to redo the face up. Do you see anything? I don’t, at least not in the pictures.


It might take a while until I post again. I wanted to introduce a new girl, but I have to think about her story a bit longer. And it’s so awfully hot that I feel rather listless at the moment. I hope you enjoy the sunny weather!

2 thoughts on “Petal knit and leather belts”

  1. I don’t see a smudge, to me it doesn’t show at all ☺️. A lovely dress and belt, and the leather vest looks great with it! I’m not enjoying the heatwave, too hot for me, but of course I realise that I’m a minority haha! Enjoy the sun! Hugs

    1. I am glad you don’t see it, thank you! We are delicate flowers, aren’t we :). I like it best when you feel comfortable in jeans and a tshirt, doesn’t need to get warmer for me.

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