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Free Raccoon Kid outfit pattern and a happy 2024

I didn’t manage to finish this for Christmas, so this will be my New Year’s gift to you. And for once you see a new little girl before I have introduced her properly. Her name is Antonia (Raccoon kid Jenny with the old, large feet). You will learn more about her and her mom soon.


Raccoon Kid tunic and leggings pattern


The pattern is made for jersey or other stretchy fabric. But as you can see in the picture with the light grey cotton bunny tunic, you can use the tunic pattern for non-stretch fabric as well. You might need to add a bit more sewing allowance. It’s a very simple, straightforward pattern for an outfit. Of course you can add pockets, buttons and other embellishments. Or different fabric patterns for bodice and sleeves like in the picture. I used rolled hems on the sleeves and neckline. The tunic bottom hem is just folded back about 4mm and stitched down with an invisible backstitch. When I use this kind of hem with jersey, I zigzag along the edge to keep it from rolling up.

The tunic closes in the back. I stitched the overlapping parts together from the bottom up to approx. waist height and closed the rest with Velcro. A press button at the neck will probably be enough if you don’t mind a little gap. And in case you are interested: The bike is a Barbie bike.


Of course you can just add a bit of lace or length to the top and use it as a dress pattern.

I hope you have fun making some outfits for your KID girl. This pattern is not for creating outfits for sale, just for your personal use. Thank you!

Make sure you print the PDF at 100%.

Pattern for DIN A4 paper size (click on icon to open PDF)


Pattern for Letter paper size



Please follow my blog if you want to use the patterns. And of course I am always happy to see the result.


6 thoughts on “Free Raccoon Kid outfit pattern and a happy 2024”

  1. Maria Pau Alcaraz Aracil

    Thanks for sharing your pattern. What a wonderful outfit and doll. I love your family dolls

  2. She’s absolutely gorgeous, awesome job done!! Love the outfit as well. Thank you for sharing the pattern!

  3. Thank you for sharing this freely; being very new to BJDs, I appreciate it! I’m not good at sewing knits but I’ll persist.

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