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3 new Monstdoll dresses

Jellybean and Milka have new dresses :).

Milka’s new dress is a flowery dress in her favorite color, Milka chocolate lavender. I forgot to tie her shoes, those little laces are so fiddly. The shoes are Blythe boots, they are a perfect fit.



Jellybean wears checkered cotton in blue with a tiny bow in light blue. Her shoes are OB11 shoes I found on Aliexpress.


Or maybe white flowers on red with pink buttons for today?


Sewing for these tiny girls is so much fun.

And I got a shipping notice for my Raccoon Nina today :-)- Have a lovely rest of the week!

6 thoughts on “3 new Monstdoll dresses”

  1. I love my two Monst dolls. They are fun to sew for. They look great I. Overalls. I plan to make Christmas elfin costumes for them.

  2. Lovely dresses! It’s cool that you found fabric in the Milka colour πŸ˜„ Enjoy your week too!

  3. Love all three dresses Mia as I’m sure the girls do. I’m so happy that these girls can wear Blythe shoes/boots, I found a few amongst my stash already. I still need to sew clothes for my girls but until my eyes are done I shan’t be tackling much at all.
    Big hugs,

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