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Swing time with Pauline

Pauline loves to dance. She always liked Rock’n’Roll, swing and rockabilly music. Pauline discovered neo swing and electro swing a couple of years ago. She is often dancing to Jamie Berry or Parov Stelar while she does the cleaning.

If you want to know what she likes to dance to while she does the hoovering, click on the red play button.


And she loves the fashion. These are her favorite dresses when she goes out dancing. The skirts are 3/4 circle skirt and are worn with a petticoat.

Unfortunately this photo series ended with a mishap. I tried to take pictures of a dance pose and she fell. The tip of her nose was badly chipped before I even introduced her on the blog. I could fix it, and her nose looks just a little different. The pictures of the lavender dress are taken after the fall. Both series with pretty bad light, so they might look a bit dark. I made this top with longer sleeves, because I am not really fond of how her arm joints look.


How about a little dancing next time you have to do the cleaning?

Have a lovely Sunday!




8 thoughts on “Swing time with Pauline”

  1. I share Pauline’s passion for repro clothing and electro swing… and her clothes are exquisite! I think she’s one of my favourite characters of yours, along with your MYou crowd (also, your newsletter is one of the things that finally prompted me to get my first BJD, I’ve been waiting to do that since at least 2008!)!

    1. Thank you so much! And I hope you will have a lot of fun with your first BJD. Those dresses suit her character so well, I think. I am glad you like her 🙂

  2. Those dresses are just perfect for her – I like that look very much. And thank you for the links to that electro swing collection. I didn’t know this kind of music before. So cheerful, I love it.

  3. Pauline looks delightful in both outfits Mia, though I must admit I prefer the lilac outfit on her best, the colour suits her perfectly. The 3/4 sleeves were very popular along with the neckerchief in the late fifties and early sixties, so you have hit the mark there…well done!
    Big hugs,

  4. I stumbled across your site while looking for ways to teach my daughter to sew clothes for her BJD. I’m so glad that I did, you have a wonderful imagination & I’ve spent a while reading about your character’s and have enjoyed every second! I would love to individualise a doll myself, unfortunately I don’t have the creativity or the knowledge. I could probably, be guided by various web-sites, I think it’s maybe best left to others with the creative flair that I lack! Lol

    Although I’ve never used a sewing machine, I am able to hand sew. I will therefore be back & will use your methods & patterns to teach my daughter to sew clothes for her own dolls. 😊

    1. Thank you, Wendy! I am glad you enjoyed what you found, and I think teaching your daughter how to sew by hand is a very good idea. You might start her creative journey 🙂 . Pinterest and Youtube are full of patterns and tutorials for all kind of customizations. Have fun!

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