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Auburn hair and ruddy dots

This is one of the new fabrics, tiny dots on brown ground. I thought this would look nice with Melisande’s hair, so she is the lucky girl who gets this new shirt.

I made sand colored pants to go with it, and she wears Iple JID girl boots.


Iplehouse Harace – Melisande de Vries


This one belongs to Queenie, so it’s very tight. I just wanted to see how Melisande looks in stripes. It’s not exactly her style, but I like the colors on her so much that I will probably make one in her size as well.

Iplehouse Harace – Melisande de Vries

4 thoughts on “Auburn hair and ruddy dots”

  1. Gorgeous, this colour looks great on her. And again it’s such a perfect fabric print size! Hugs!!

  2. Lovely outfit Mia, and I like the stripes on her too. I don’t know if this will comment will get to you as I’m having trouble again. I commented on Willow twice but it didn’t work.

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