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Lots of Pauline pictures

Just like Antonia, Pauline didn’t chose the wig I bought for her.  The long floating light brown hair  looks beautiful, but she’s just a “quick ponytail”- kind of woman. A bit messy, some lose strands. Jeans, chucks, a shirt and a blazer and mom Pauline is ready to face the day. I would love to get some light green eyes instead of the light grey ones, but I couldn’t find oval eyes in the light color I want. The sculpt has very small eye openings, and the green eyes I have look too large and dark.

With every new doll body comes the challenge of creating patterns, making pattern test clothes and figuring out what kind of clothes a character likes. Pauline is on the NaPoSlim body and has a small chest. Making blazers for small chests is so much more fun – and she loves them. They add a touch of maturity to her look. She’s sporty and casual, and I wanted really tight jeans for her. These are actually a bit too tight, at least after the wash. I use to pre-wash fabric, but unfortunately it wasn’t enough in this case. They get caught in the mobility joints too easily.

Pauline likes stripes, too. The fitted checkered shirt is one of her office outfits.


More office outfits.

And a shirred tunic with long sleeves. She wears it with dark grey corduroy pants.



6 thoughts on “Lots of Pauline pictures”

  1. Hi Mia!
    Boy you have been a busy seamstress! Love all the outfits as I’m sure Pauline does too. I’m glad you made her some corduroy pants, they are very on-trend at present.
    Big hugs,

    1. Haha, true, bleeding finger tips and all. I am glad you like them. I don’t really know what is on trend, I just like the baby corduroy because it doesn’t fray, pinking is enough.

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