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Tag: barbie

First repaint of 2023

The first repaint of 2023. Winter isn’t a great time for repaints, too dark too soon. But this girl managed to get a new look despite the gloomy weather. She

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New repaints: Rose and Jade

All the beautiful pictures Kamelia took of my repainted girls inspired me to start repainting again. It’s been a while since I repainted a 1/6 Vinyl doll, January to be

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Exciting news from Poland

This post is part of a joint project of Kameliadolls and ResinRapture. We had this idea a while ago, when I started with the Barbie repaints. I thought it would

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A new life in Poland

Suzie got the most exciting news today. She got her dream job in Poland! A while ago Suzie wrote to her favorite fashion designer KameliaDolls and asked if she could

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May Day girls

How to celebrate the first of May? With flowers of course, so that’s what the girls do. They can’t all be May Queens, right? Are there any traditions or May

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1:6 scale kitchen

This was a pink plastic kitchen and the start of my tiny house, even though I finished the bathroom first. Time to finally show you the results of the kitchen

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The kitchen quest

While you can find a million very pretty doll house kitchens in 1/12 scale, items in 1/6 are really hard to find. I spent days googling for something, and what

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It’s a boy!

For once, it’s a boy. Which is definitively a rarity, I am apparently more of a girl doll collector. I do have male dolls, and I love them, but they

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First new face in 2022

First new face in 2022 🙂 I had plans to finish a lot more repaints, but somehow the time went by so quickly that I only managed one. Her name

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Repaint threesome

Three more girls and their outfits finished :). And not only the girls: Since the Non-BJD dolls are not really part of the resin family, I decided to give them

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Pumpkin fashion

I used this newly finished repaint for the #monday4dolls game, and since the theme of this week’s game was “pumpkin”, this is a pretty orange post. She has the skin

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Nature girl and Diva

Same sculpt repaint project part one: nature girl and Diva Haha, we’re not done with the repaint phase. I thought about creating a separate blog for all the non-BJD dolls,

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