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How to celebrate the first of May? With flowers of course, so that’s what the girls do. They can’t all be May Queens, right?

Are there any traditions or May Day celebrations where you live? Over here there are still May Day celebrations going on in rural areas, with a May Queen, dancing and singing. But in the cities all that’s left of old traditions is erecting maypoles, which dates back to medieval paganism.

Or rather than maypoles guys buy a young birch tree (they are sold for this purpose), decorate it with colorful ribbons and place it at their girl friend’s house. It’s only in leapyears that girls get to do the same for their guys. The day before May Day is probably the only day in the year where you get to see cars with trees twice the length of the car tied to the roof.

My girls leave the trees to grow and pick flowers instead.

Right in time to take pictures for next week’s #monday4dolls game on Instagram. As you might have guessed the theme is “flowers”. Flowers and new flower dresses :). Happy May Day!



I didn’t take pictures of my Xinyi in a while, and flowers suit her just as well as black&white.



And last but not least two of the tiny flower vases I found for my tiny house.


Good luck!


Where ever you are, I wish you a sunny and peaceful May Day!

6 thoughts on “May Day girls”

  1. Here this day is Labour Day, we have processions in several cities. I don’t think that we celebrate May Day, but I’m not sure. Your girls look lovely and the vases are beautiful. šŸ™‚ Happy May Day!

  2. Late as usual … Happy May Day Mia! Love the photos and the little flower vases, they are all very pretty. šŸ˜˜
    Big hugs,

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