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A new life in Poland

Suzie got the most exciting news today. She got her dream job in Poland!

A while ago Suzie wrote to her favorite fashion designer KameliaDolls and asked if she could use an assistant. All the girls love KameliaDolls, and they were keeping their fingers crossed that Suzie would get a chance to work there.

Siri and Becky check out Kamelia’s new summer fashions.


KameliaDolls Etsy shop


Imagine how happy Suzie was when she got the letter with the job offer!


Daydreaming about her new life


And what’s even better: Katie, Nora, Christie and Carmen will accompany her to work as models in an upcoming fashion show. Kamelia invited them all for an extended stay, and the five of them have been planning and talking about their trip for weeks now. They all look forward to visit Poland, and Suzie is happy that she won’t be alone when she starts her new life.


Suzie goes to Poland


Suzie and her friends are trying to decide what to pack.



Katie’s mom Jen and Becky have been baking scones for the journey and little tarts the girls want to bring as a gift. Becky hopes Kamelia will like them. Emily, Laura, Siri, Matt and Becky are almost as excited as their friends – and they are a bit envious. But maybe they will have a chance to visit Poland in the future. They can’t wait to see their friends model Kamelia’s fashions. Katie’s mom is a bit worried, but that’s what moms do.



Matt has been carrying all the suitcases and bags downstairs. The dogs guard them while the girls say good bye to all their friends.


Matt on porter duty


Tomorrow is the big day, they will start their trip to Poland. Everybody is looking forward to see Kamelia, meet new people and see Suzie’s future home.

To see what is happening next, follow Suzie’s story and new life on Kamelia’s blog KameliaDolls :).


12 thoughts on “A new life in Poland”

  1. Safe travel to the group! Love the pictures of preparation, baking and filling the suitcases 😊. I’m sure Suzie will have a very successful new career!

  2. Barbara Richards

    Oh! I love Polish food. Hope she has a great experience and can offer some modern twists on classic stylesπŸ’•

  3. Wonderful! I am so happy your amazing girls will visit Kamelia’s atelier and even more that Suzie will stay with me. Sooooooooo happy! *_*

    And I love the photos!

    1. Haha.. It will be very lively at Kamelia’s atelier and quiet at the tiny house. I hope she will be a great assistant to you and help create your fashions.

      1. She does. I have linked it in the last sentence. She writes in English and Polish and there is lots of really great doll photography to see.

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