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Category: KID

Yes, it’s pink!

I received a very funny gift yesterday. Thank you so much, styx! It’s kind of an inside-joke, styx has been commenting on my blog for

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Dots and pots

Some time ago a friend gave me this little white pot. She knew I had dolls but didn’t know what kind of dolls. I never

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Saturday story time

Eryn and Solovet needed to go shopping today, so Seraphine and Tristania look after Fiona and Amanthis. They all came over for breakfast. Amanthis loves

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Loads of pictures

Pictures, pictures…. I made this dress as a birthday present for a friend, and since she owns several Iples as well my girls could model

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Dorothy Luna MacLean

Dorothy Luna MacLean – or Dots – is an Iplehouse KID Celina in normal skin. She was a limited KID and joined the Moonchild community in 2017. She is a member of the MacLean family clan.

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Calliope Luna Morgenstern

Calliope Luna Morgenstern is an Iplehouse KID Lisa in normal skin. She joined the Moonchild community in 2015. She is Tabea’s daughter and suffers from Eclipse syndrome.

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