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Dots and pots

Some time ago a friend gave me this little white pot. She knew I had dolls but didn’t know what kind of dolls. I never told her the size wasn’t quite right :). At least for it’s proper use. But one can use a pot in different ways. And if it’s just as something to sit on.



Alasdair is still happy. Seraphine tried his new shirt. It’s just a bit too large to snag it. So his shirt is safe.

Iplehouse Audrey – Seraphine Luna Morrigan



4 thoughts on “Dots and pots”

  1. Really cute photos! A friend of mine gave me a whole tea set which is too big for any of my dolls. It was probably meant for a child instead of for dolls. Your top photo is giving me ideas. šŸ˜€

  2. :D. Great. I am waiting for pictures of ALL your dolls sitting in kitchen ware. But I guess you need a kitchen supply shop to house them all in pots and pans?

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