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Yes, it’s pink!

I received a very funny gift yesterday. Thank you so much, styx!

It’s kind of an inside-joke, styx has been commenting on my blog for quite some time, and while I am tolerant of pink in small doses she’s downright allergic to pink. I guess it’s not so much the color itself but the attitude of pink girly cuteness that’s suspicious. A lot of her comments were about terrible things that would happen to my dolls if they’d start to wear pink and as a result I started to threaten her with the prospect of pink shirts for the guys.

As a new year’s resolution she apparently planned to to something about the pink allergy, and send me a very nice donation to my fabric stock. As you might have guessed it’s pink (a pale wild rose pink I actually really like). It came in a pink envelope with a pink card. Since she sent it to my tattoo studio address the postal guy looked slightly irritated when he handed me that envelope. The color doesn’t exactly match the parlor’s interior design :D.

I had a good laugh, though.

I have some pink doll clothes, and I made a lot of accessories for the fun sized girls last week, some of them in different pinks. Be warned, styx :D.

Dots liked this bag, and she picked a pink beanie to go with it.

Iplehouse Celina – Dorothy Luna McLean


I made a lot more, and once I’ve finished some other stuff I’ll write a post about accessories and take pictures of all the bags, belts, hats and stuff.

BJD props – ResinRapture


4 thoughts on “Yes, it’s pink!”

  1. Ohh, but pink does look cute!! I actually love the fabric color you got, and the accesories you made are really awesome πŸ˜€ Now you may have to send something to your friend, hahaha xD

  2. I like styx's sense of humor. πŸ˜€ It's a lovely shade of pink–and yes, even for men's shirts. That's an impressive lot of accessories you've got there. I love the blue and taupe bag–that's totally my style. My resin girls rarely get accessories (except for crocheted shrugs) and the men never get any. I shouldn't say "never"–I made one of my guys a scarf this week.

  3. Me too. Both humor and the shade of pink :). Maybe not the best color for Ruben, but Leander might like it, and Walden, who is not home yet, so nobody has met him. This is actually the first batch of accessories- except for two bags I made for the large girls and the shawls. But it was fun. And there are such a lot of bag patterns on pinterest for human sized bags that you can probably spend weeks just making bags. The blue bag is supposed to go with Roux jeans skirt outfit.

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