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Happy Easter

Yesterday was a lovely day. Sunny and warm, and since it was a holiday it was really quiet.

I spent a couple of hours on my garden bench, sewing away. A pair of pants later it was time for this year’s Easter pictures.

This shoot required some props first, and I started by making a flower planter for the purple rock cress I wanted to use. I just cut a couple of wooden spatulas in halves and applied some tape on the backside.



A bit of forget-me-not, daisies, straw and a big stone, my pot with candytuft in the background and the setup is good to go.



Mailin got a new outfit for this, the pants I finished and a tunic. A bit more festive than her usual jeans and shirt.








Have a wonderful and sunny Easter holiday!

7 thoughts on “Happy Easter”

  1. Very cute outfits. Your girls look very Spring-like and your props are perfect. I'm hoping for a sunny Easter but it's not looking good. The snow is gone but the ground is juicy and the driveway is littered with drowned earthworms. Not a pretty picture. I'll be featuring indoor pics for Easter–as usual. Have a great day!

  2. Thank you :). I'd invite you over for a cup of tea in the garden, but I guess it's a bit of a distance. Littered with earthworms sounds like a feast for crows. We had snow just last week for about ten minutes. Today the temperature was almost 25°C – but it's still chilly at night. Maybe we get snow again next week. I hope you get some sunshine 🙂

  3. Your dolls look like they are enjoying the day in the sun Mia, and all so beautifully dressed for Easter. I like the little pot you made with the sticks, I just might make one myself when I can find the time, thanks for inspiring me. 🙂
    Big hugs,

  4. Tea in the garden sounds delightful, but I agree the distance is a bit much. The robins usually eat the earthworms, but they'll have to be quick about it. My new dog appears to have a taste for them, too.

  5. You have a new dog? Is he/she somewhere on flickr? Maybe they are tasty. I ate one as a kid, but I can't remember how they tasted, and I am sure not going to try again.

  6. I would never in a million years eat an earthworm, no matter how many other cultures consider such things as delicacies. Yuck! I included a photo of my dog on today's blog post.

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