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Test shirts

I had planned to do such a lot of things, but somehow all I did was start things and postpone finishing them until the heat wave is over. What I did finish is a batch of test shirt prints.
My new Raccoondoll Lara will be a great fan of printed shirts, and since I have never worked with iron-on prints I wanted to run some tests.
The first one came out fine, but I messed up the second batch.
But Mailin and Stella got to wear them, and they both love their new shirts. They don’t even mind the slight red stain from the printed grid on the backside of the transfer material. I managed to iron that on with the print somehow. Lesson learned. I guess the iron was too hot or I was too impatient.


Iplehouse Milly – Mailin Luna McLean


Mailin’s new favorite shirt. :). Perfect shirt for adventurous little girls.

Stella got three new shirts. I didn’t take pictures of the last one, it was too dark already.

6 thoughts on “Test shirts”

  1. I don't see any red on these shirts. Was it on a different one? I've never tried to use transfer prints but I like how yours came out. They're great for a casual look. The weather here has cooled so I've finished a few things: outfit for May, leggings and corset for Monica. I'll have to come up with a new male elf costume–I bought an in-stock doll from Youpla. Her guys are on the small side. He's about the same size as Dollshe Fashion Saint. (Poor guy needed a friend he didn't have to look up to.)

  2. I am surprised it's not more visible in the pictures. If you take a very close look there's a a bit of red shade below the 'e' in cute. I hope it will rain tonight. You have been so productive… Did you receive your elf already? Sorry if I missed it on your blog, my brain is fried I'm afraid.

  3. The red doesn't show up on my monitor. I enlarged the photo as much as it would let me. If you hadn't mentioned it I never would have known. I don't know when the elf will get here. I placed the order yesterday. He's shipping from France and I have no personal knowledge of how long packages take from there. All I know is someone on the Youpla thread had a package shipped to her in Sweden, it got lost and showed up months later. So I'm a little nervous…

  4. Maybe I shouldn't have mentioned it :). I hope your elf arrives safely. Iple didn't release Harace this time, so my wallet is safe for now.

  5. This looks soooo cool!! I want the "Don't call me cute" shirt for myself xD
    Also Stella is the bomb. What a Beauty <3

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