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Summer dresses for Mailin and Fiona

All the new fabric gave me such a lot of ideas that I hardly know where to start. Kid dresses are always fun to make, so I started with two new summer dresses for the kids and a skirt for Solovet. While Fiona loves girly dresses, Mailin is usually more of a tomboy. But she liked the green Entwined vine fabric from AlwaysknittingandSewing, and it suits her.


And since I just can’t spend as much time on new ideas as I would like, I have to resort to sketching them. I am fascinated by the idea what women would have worn in the past if they had been free to combine as it pleased them. Mom’s Edwardian coat and a flapperdress for example.


4 thoughts on “Summer dresses for Mailin and Fiona”

  1. The little girls' dresses are adorable. I love Solovet's outfit, too. Pink and gray is one of my favorite color combinations, although it's been years since I made anything in those colors. It takes the right fabric–lucky you for finding it. Your fashion sketches would work wonderfully for a character who is on the Bohemian side. I hope to see you make clothes from some of them.

  2. Thank you. I hope I will find the time. Unfortunately this style in the sketches requires a lot of layers, and I haven't found a way to make it look less bulky yet. Maybe I should make something for the bigger girls. Tabea would love it.

  3. You always sew amazing stuff, but I'm surprise you can also sketch them! My hands turn into fists when I try to draw anything, and I have zero ideas about making outfits from scratch -I always google for outfits to reproduce in doll size.

    You have all of my admiration, Mia!

  4. Thank you :). I sometimes do that as well, but sketching them is the safest way to remember an idea. The only problem is that I always have more ideas than I could possibly realise. Oh.. you are too kind :). I guess I have to thank my parents for a lucky genetic mix. Which definitely doesn't include skills like calculating or cooking 😀

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