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Random pictures

Another weekend I can’t use to take pictures of my new couple. They have stories, they have some outfits, but I am still working on some stuff I need for the introduction posts. And while time is always a problem, the state of my apartment is another reason I am not able to do what I would like to do. But I hope that will change soon, somebody will come tomorrow to start fixing my bathroom. I can’t wait to move all the stuff back in there that’s currently all over the place.
But I took some random pictures, just to do something with the dolls.

This one was not a planned picture, I put Calliope in that chair while I was posing Mailin. My cat very gently placed her paw on the doll’s knee and I was quick enough to capture the moment. :).

Calliope and my cat Elena


Bell has new pants. That small scale animal print was a lucky find, it’s the perfect size for her.


Raccoondoll Lara – Bell Jones


Found these panpipes in a box. I had completely forgotten they were in there.

Iplehouse Milly – Mailin Luna McLean


7 thoughts on “Random pictures”

  1. You may not have a specific theme, but you have some magical moments here. I love the moment of intense inter-species communication between doll and cat, and Bell with the skeleton is an inspired pairing. Very fun!

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