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Tag: Isis

Yellow tulips

A while ago a lovely customer brought me a bunch of yellow tulips. They still brighten up my living room and cheer me up every time I look at them.

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Long time no see

It’s been a while since I took pictures of the big girls, they have not been out of the closet for months. Time to change that. After working with Blythe

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Success and frustration

Success first: I finished an outfit today. Excuse the crappy pictures, but I had to photograph it slightly overexposed. The fabric is very dark brown with a black gradient dye,

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New easter outfits

I had to take a break from sewing face masks and made some more shirts for a change. As promised, more dye experiments. Vasilissa didn’t get any new stuff for

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Just loads of pictures

Just some pictures. Rachel is so small that she doesn’t fit in a doll stand, and while she poses beautifully she can’t really stand on her own. That’s why I

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Dress update

The trim for Vasilissa’s dress arrived, I accentuated it with bronze beads. Seraphine has a new dress, too. Maybe I’ll add a ribbon to the neckline, it kind of folds

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Work in progress

Slow but steady… I started with this in January, and I’ll add the pictures from the first post again. Since I managed to damage the diorama I made some time

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Working and waiting

It’s been a while since I last posted, and I am waiting for incoming back drops and stuff I want to use to continue working on my diorama. But I

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Just burgundy, just playing. I had these decorative bands (they are table decorations, I think) and thought they might look interesting as head bands.

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Vasilissa Luna Baranova

Vasilissa Luna Baranova is an Iplehouse nYID Isis on a medium bust body in normal skin. She joined the Moonchild community in 2016. Vasilissa has no family, she is a lone wolf like Enoch. And she is a Moonchild witch.

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