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New easter outfits

I had to take a break from sewing face masks and made some more shirts for a change. As promised, more dye experiments.

Vasilissa didn’t get any new stuff for ages, so she’s the first to receive her Easter outfit. I wanted the shirt and shawl to match her eye make up, and it turned out exactly as I had imagined it. It’s a very subtle gradient dye in berry tones. I love how it makes her eye color pop. I used Simplicol expert dye for this, it’s a powder developed for hand dyeing.


The second one is for Bell, and this one is a fun gradient color mix in colors that are also part of her chest piece.

Dyeing experiments are kind of addictive. There is always something that could use a bit of color. I read a satirical short story by Ephraim Kishon ages ago. It’s about a man who wants to spray some small item with silver spray and falls victim to a painting frenzy. By the end of the story his front lawn is silver :-).
Anyway, I had this white lace I never used because the yarn is very shiny. It looked as cheap as it was. But with a gradient dye the lighter tone of the yarn looks actually quite interesting.

Lace gradient dyes


And last but not least some flowers, it’s spring after all. This is what my garden looks like at the moment –  well, at least that corner of my garden. Enjoy the holidays. Happy Easter!



9 thoughts on “New easter outfits”

  1. I'm enjoying your dye experiments. What fun! The results are both unique and pretty. I love how the lace came out, especially the third one with the blue. Looks like Easter won't be blooming in my neck of the woods. There are more and more stalks poking through the ground but nothing's in flower yet. Tomorrow's forecast is for a bit of snow.

  2. Me too. You would have a good laugh if you could see my hands- they are almost as colorful as the shirts :). I will try some more lace experiments, it's a nice way to make lace look less cute and girly. As for the weather- it's not only warm, it's really dry, and the farmers won't be happy at all. But even if it's still snowy in your area, the days are getting longer and longer- that's something at least :).

  3. I love how your dye shirts have turned out. They all look amazing. What kind of dye are you using? I can't find where you mention that anywhere.

  4. Loving all the experimental dying Mia, you have achieved some great results. Have you tried doing anything with onion skins yet? I used to do quite a bit of experimenting, long ago when I was feeling more energetic, beetroot is fun to use too.

    Thanks also for sharing your garden, the tulips look beautiful, and I am assuming the purple is the rock cress you spoke of?
    Big hugs,

  5. Thank you! Except tea I haven't tried any organic dye, but I will look into it. I've seen the occasional video on plant dyes, maybe I will try that. Yes, you are right, it's the purple rock cress 🙂

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