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Yellow tulips

A while ago a lovely customer brought me a bunch of yellow tulips. They still brighten up my living room and cheer me up every time I look at them. I wanted to use them for pictures before they wilt- and show my appreciation. We have very weird weather, sunny and warm one day and snow the next, so the light is not the best. But still, yellow tulips look cheerful even without sun.

Unnea goes first. I have not taken pictures of the big girls in a while, so you get to see two of them now.


Vasilissa in blue for a change. I was surprised how well the color suits her. It’s one of those shared dresses, and I put it on her for fun.



Last but not least one of the smaller girls. Judith hasn’t been in front of the camera for a while, too.


8 thoughts on “Yellow tulips”

  1. What a lovely gift from your customer, tulips are beautiful flowers! Your girls look beautiful, in their dresses, and with the flowers. Vasilissa does look great in blue, it goes very well with her skintone and hair. 🙂

  2. It’s always nice to receive flowers and even nicer when it’s so unexpected. I love yellow flowers, especially gerberas and sunflowers, there is an air of cheerfulness that comes with yellow blooms. 🙂
    Love the photos Mia, your pretty ladies are always so well dressed. Vasilissa looks wonderful in blue, it’s a colour you should dress her in more often. 😊

    1. Thank you! True, I love gerberas too. And sunflowers- although I prefer them in the garden. I should dress the large girls more often, blue or otherwise. They have been a bit neglected.

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