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Just loads of pictures

Just some pictures. Rachel is so small that she doesn’t fit in a doll stand, and while she poses beautifully she can’t really stand on her own. That’s why I keep her in her box, and she hasn’t been out for a while.
Inspired by the ocean colored fabric I dressed Vassilisa in blue-green, and her eyes look so bright it’s almost eerie. It’s not one of her colors, but I love it on her.


6 thoughts on “Just loads of pictures”

  1. Vassilisa's eyes are hauntingly beautiful. Love how the dress brings out their color. (I don't remember: Is she FID or the bigger version?) Your little Rachel reminds me a lot of my May: a long, leggy look in a very tiny package. I don't have a stand for May, either; I keep her out anyway, seated in a chair.

  2. She's a nYid. I would love eyes like that for FID. If only eyeco would make them in that size. Rachel and May should be the same size. Can May stand on her own? Rachel has knees that kind of pop into a lady-like sitting position almost on their own, but getting her to stand is a challege.

  3. I wish Eyeco would make smaller eyes, too. They have so many wonderful colors.
    Yes, May does stand on her own. She is quite solid on her feet, despite having such slender limbs and no shoes. It takes some effort to bend her knees so that she can sit, but once she does I can get her to assume a number of different poses. Does Rachel have eyelashes? I tried to put eyelashes on May but I couldn't fit them into such a small space. I should probably make her eyeliner thicker to make up for it.

  4. That would be great. Rachel doesn't have lashes, they would have made her already small eye openings even smaller- and it doesn't really show in pictures.

  5. I love the 7th photo. Her gaze, it reminds me of a period photography. She looks so calm, so quiet! You did an amazing job with the photos.

    I also adore the second-to-last. Her face is just so expressive, almost tired!

  6. Thank you! She did remind me of a preraphaelitean painting when I first saw her. One advantage of her tiny size is that it's no problem to take pictures of the whole body. Something I always struggle with with the larger dolls.

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