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Tag: Yur

Yellow tulips

A while ago a lovely customer brought me a bunch of yellow tulips. They still brighten up my living room and cheer me up every time I look at them.

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Snow in April

The weather is typical April weather, sunshine one moment and hail the next. We had snow over Easter – it didn’t last, though. I am glad all the flowers that

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Long time no see

It’s been a while since I took pictures of the big girls, they have not been out of the closet for months. Time to change that. After working with Blythe

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Blue shirt for Eryn

I must be crazy. As if there wasn’t enough work waiting for me I decided to actually set up WordPress on my own domain to move the blog. Not right

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Sunny but cold

Just at the beginning of spring the temperatures dropped below zero. I hope all the flowers that are already in bloom can deal with a bit of late frost… It’s

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Just some new clothes

Just some random pictures of stuff I finished recently. I made lots of hats, and Bell picked one with grey stripes that almost looks silvery.   Judith has a new

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The last one in white

This is the last of the series of dresses, I just didn’t manage to take pictures of it with the last batch. Still a tiny bit of pink, but Unnea

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Loads of pictures

Pictures, pictures…. I made this dress as a birthday present for a friend, and since she owns several Iples as well my girls could model for her.   But since

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One cut – three dresses

Same pattern for three dresses. What I like about this cut is that it looks nice both ways – fitting tight or loosely, and with a variety of fabric, embellishments

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Fairy green and Cappucino

Unnea took a break from her usual white and wears green for once. I love these colours on her. I made this dress last week from left over greenish fabric,

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Sewing machine for dolls

I got this as a gift for my girls from a customer yesterday. Isn’t this lovely? I have to take better pictures, maybe add a light, but this sewing machine

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Fat quarters – Quilting lesson

Although Moonchildren are not christian, they do celebrate their variety of christmas. At december the 21th they celebrate winter soltice with old Moonchild midwinter rites, and the following days they

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