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Snow in April

The weather is typical April weather, sunshine one moment and hail the next. We had snow over Easter – it didn’t last, though. I am glad all the flowers that are already in bloom survived.

I promised I would make some new spring outfits for the big girls, and Unnea was the first. I wanted to make something that was not entirely white, something she could wear in her laboratory. A bit like scrubs, but not quite. A white and green muslin tunic and white leggings. She reminds me of snowdrops in this combination.

Unnea is on my oldest body, she gave the EID body she came on to Tristania and got Trish’s SID body in exchange. The body is from December 2013, and it’s yellowed quite a bit- even though I keep all the dolls in the dark. But my first three girls were made before Iplehouse changed the resin, and I had them on display for about half a year. It really shows. I can’t imagine how yellow they’d be by now if I kept them outside. And every time I take pictures of her I think I should get her new hair, but somehow this annoying wig became a part of her character. I have tried other wigs on her, but she seems to want to keep this one.

8 thoughts on “Snow in April”

  1. This outfit does look very spring-y, and fresh, it’s lovely with Unnea’s delicate face-up. Haha, sometimes dolls just do that, they want a certain look and whatever you try to change, it has to stay! It was a bit strange I think, the weather in the last couple of weeks. Being so close to Germany, we had similar weather here in Belgium, the snow did surprise me, especially so close to the warm days.

    1. I guess we are just not used to typical April weather anymore. I remember early Springs like this from childhood days. Lots of rainbows :).

      1. PS: I put one of your “no recast” badges on my blog. Thank you for sharing them, I’ve put a link to your blog on the image.

  2. Very pretty Mia, too pretty for scrubs!! I think we all have dolls that tell us what they want, mine seem to do it all the time. LOL!
    Big hugs,

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