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Daylight saving and picture time

The clock is ticking and I already feel stressed by the fact that it is much later than it should be. I really do hate daylight saving time, my jet lag lasts for weeks until I have adjusted. But even though I didn’t get half of what I had planned done and already feel bad about it, it’s a Sunday after all. Time for a bit of gardening and dolly pictures!

Leander’s second batch of new clothes is finished. He has some new brown pants, another striped shirt (he loves those) and I finished the jacket I wrote about in the last post. This one is actually a jacket-vest combination. The colorful vest is sewn to the collar, and I found a separating zipper I cut to the length I needed. I made a dark red shirt to go with it. I wanted to take the pictures in the garden, but wind and Leander’s wig don’t really work well together, so I ended up having just one without his curls all over his face.



These two pictures should be subtitled ‘when big hair gets in the way of romance’. I managed to push one wig off their heads with the other one and getting all that hair out of their faces took some time and a toothbrush.

Iplehouse Oscar – Leander Luna Andersson
Iplehouse Oscar – Leander Luna Andersson


Unnea inherited Tristania’s SID body after I made Trish an EID. The is body from 2013 before they changed the resin formula, and even though I have kept her in the dark after the first six months out in the open the body has yellowed a bit. Maybe it’s even more visible with Unnea’s favorite white clothes. I can’t remember if I took pictures of the underwear I made, but I like how the lace adds a bit of a feminine touch to the clinical white.


5 thoughts on “Daylight saving and picture time”

  1. I'm with Leander regarding striped t-shirts and jumpers! Love the new jacket and enjoyed all the photos, Unnea makes a very pretty model.
    Big hugs,

  2. I love the jacket/vest combination. The colors in it are great and lend themselves to a number of different shirt colors. Maybe Leander needs to tie his hair back when he plans to go outside. That might help combat the windblown hair problem. Linnea is gorgeous. I always forget what a lovely sculpt Yur is and that she is also available in FID size. I like your makeup better than Iplehouse's.

  3. Thank you :). True, I should try to find some more shirt fabric in one of the vest colors. Unfortunately the strands around his face are not long enough to be tied back. Unnea didn't get much attention last year, and that's a shame, because you are right about Yur being a lovely sculpt. Do you plan to get her some day as FID?

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