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Blue shirt for Eryn

I must be crazy. As if there wasn’t enough work waiting for me I decided to actually set up WordPress on my own domain to move the blog. Not right now, there’s far too much I have to do first. But I hope I’ll be able to finish all the stuff that needs to be done before the year is over. So this is kind of a heads up for those who actually really follow my blog. I very much hope that you’ll follow me there as well, if I ever manage to finish the enormous task of building a completely new site with new taxonomy, new pictures without the blogger address and a new design. And all that with a software that’s also new to me. I probably wouldn’t have done it if I hadn’t realized that my hosting package for my job domain included three domains, and I wouldn’t have to pay for my new doll-domain.

But until then I will continue posting on blogger, even if I might not be able to move all the comments.

And today it’s blue shirt day. At least for Eryn, who doesn’t get new stuff very often. She is one of those dolls who have their “one” outfit. Even if I change her clothes to take pictures, somehow she ends up wearing her usual stuff again.


2 thoughts on “Blue shirt for Eryn”

  1. Good luck with moving your blog, I do not envy you that task.
    Love the new blue shirt, it’s perfect. These just look like real human sized shirts shrunk down! They’re great!

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