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Sunny but cold

Just at the beginning of spring the temperatures dropped below zero. I hope all the flowers that are already in bloom can deal with a bit of late frost…
It’s sunny, but icy.

To match the weather: sunny and snow-white.



7 thoughts on “Sunny but cold”

  1. Lovely as always. Unnea is one of my favorites among your dolls.
    You have flowers already in bloom? Lucky you. We have a few brave little stalks sticking out of the ground–I think they'll be crocuses–but no blossoms yet.

  2. Thank you :). She is one of my favorites too. There's purple rock cress, lots of wild red tulips, grape hyacinths, primroses – I have to go check tomorrow. But this winter was quite mild. I hope it'll get warm enough for you to take Truffles for a nice sunny Easter walk.

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