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Just some new clothes

Just some random pictures of stuff I finished recently.

I made lots of hats, and Bell picked one with grey stripes that almost looks silvery.

Raccoondoll Lara – Bell Jones


Judith has a new shirt and vest to go with the skirt I made a while ago.

Iplehouse Isabel – Judith Hofer


Sophia is not sure if the bold pattern of her new blazer isn’t a bit too daring.

Iplehouse Leona – Sophia Luna Andersson


And Unnea has a white sweater.

Iplehouse Yur – Unnea Luna McLean



6 thoughts on “Just some new clothes”

  1. Lots of pretty new things! Your industriousness puts me to shame. (I've spent slightly over two weeks on one dress.) Unnea's all-white look is perfect on her. And Bell's new hat and scarf remind me of how wicked cold and windy it's been here recently. Are you planning to show us more of your hats?

  2. Oh but you have produced such a lot of lovely chrochet dresses! I had planned a post with all the kids in warm winter clothes, but it's usually dark when I come home from work. I always hope it's sunny on sundays – or at least enough light for pictures. But sooner or later the hats will be introduced :).

  3. Well haven't you been a busy bee Mia, lot of pretty eye candy there. šŸ™‚ I enjoy seeing your creations, they make your dolls look so real.
    Big hugs,

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