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Ornaments and shipping notices

My two new FID girls are shipping! It was a long wait, and the shoes I wanted were out of stock when the dolls were finished, but I am really happy they are on their way now. I hope they will arrive safely.

In the meantime I have been very busy with another project, but I still found the time to make some more shirts. Unnea usually wears white, but for some reason she wanted this shirt. The ornament is drawn with a very fine permanent marker.

10 thoughts on “Ornaments and shipping notices”

  1. First of all, the shirt is beautiful. I love the addition of the fine line ornament. This is a good color for Unnea; it goes with her eye shadow. Congratulations on your shipping notice! I don't know how long ago you ordered, but I hope the fact that your dolls are shipping means that mine will ship soon, too. Of course it depends on the country: maybe Germany is easing its quarantine restrictions. We still can't cross the border into Canada and vice versa. Now that it's officially summer, we're going to miss the hordes of Canadian tourists unless things open up next month.

  2. This shirt is beautiful, you've done a wonderful job on the ornament. I look forward to seeing your new girls!

  3. Thank you! It was the first Fid open in 2020, it must have been February. I don't even remember. I tried to order eyes from dollmore, and they can't use Airmail at the moment, so my girls will get temporary eyes. I hope your's will ship too. As for the tourists: it must be hard if a region depends upon tourism. But maybe you'll get hikers or other lonely travelers anyway.

  4. I ordered my CREAA in March, so I guess I have some time to wait yet. I didn't order my FID until April. Still, one gets antsy. Covid-19 arrived just in time to close the ski resorts early, the restaurants are beginning to open with limited seating capacity, and all events are pretty much cancelled for the year. This certainly will be a year to remember.

  5. Oh very nice Mia! Love the colour on her and the detail you have penned on the front is beautiful, you are very creative with your designs.
    Pity about the shoes, but new dolls are exciting to received…enjoy!
    Big hugs,

  6. That is a very nice top, I love the finely drawn design on the front, it’s perfect. Congratulations on your new dolls shipping, I look forward to seeing them soon on your blog.

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