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Curvy barbies and a new sweater

Remember the curvy fashionista barbie I received for a sewing commission some time ago? I repainted her a while ago. It was fun, but I have to say dolls that size with rooted hair and painted eyes and next to no joints are not my cup of tea. I do like her face and curvy body better than the beauty pageant stereotype blonde version of Barbie I remember from past years, though. The first picture shows her in her original state. Not too bad, but I hope she looks a bit more natural now. I think I am going to give her back to her previous owner- if her mother can think of a good household chores-trade.

Barbie original look
Barbie customization – ResinRapture
Barbie customization – ResinRapture
Barbie customization – ResinRapture


And this is Alasdairs new sweater. I finished it last year, but I think I never took pictures of it. I really hope days get longer soon, it’s so annoying to have only a bit of bad light if you want to take pictures.

Alasdair Luna McLean



8 thoughts on “Curvy barbies and a new sweater”

  1. I must say your repainted Curvy Fashionista Barbie looks completely different–in the best possible way. I'll bet she gave your magnifying glass a workout. If her previous owner doesn't want her, you could easily sell her on ebay. She would appeal to many people.

    Love Alasdair's new sweater. The colors are a combination of all my favorites. It's fun to see your room setting again. Solovet, Tabea and Corvin look perfectly at home. Seeing as those are some of your large dolls, it occurs to me that the room set must be humongous. How on earth do you store it when it's not in use?

  2. Thank you :). You are right, magnifying glass, my glasses and extra light- another reason why I am not a great fan of that scale. If her previous owner doesn't want her back, I might try to sell her. But most likely I just give her to some other little girl, chores or no chores..haha. My room set is quite large, but I made it in a way that I can at least fold the sides to the front. In that triangle the furniture piles up, covered by a sheet for protection. It's sitting in my living room, a constant reminder that I should play more with the large dolls.

  3. Oh my, I can't believe she's a Barbie!! Love those side glancing eyes, she looks stunning. If her previous owner doesn't want her, I am sure she will be snapped up in an instant on eBay.

    Alasdair's sweater is beautifully knitted and suits him to a T! I also like your diorama, it's very neat and makes the dolls look natural as if they were real people. 🙂
    Big hugs,

  4. I can certainly relate to the room/furniture storage. My American Girl diner sits folded on the floor of my dining room, with all its accessories in a cardboard box nearby, and I'm sure it's much smaller than your room set. It's a constant reminder, for sure; thankfully I've learned to tune it out. 😀

  5. But it is inviting to use it if it's easily accessible, isn't it? I found that things that go into a box for storage tend to stay there, that's why I decided to leave it there, even if it takes up quite a bit of room.

  6. Thank you! Alasdair certainly enjoys getting something new, my guys tend to get a lot less attention. The diorama was fun to create, and if Iples weren't so hard to pose naturally it would be a lot easier to make them look like real little people.

  7. New barbies are really pretty and I am stunned by what you made! She looks so natural, and realistic. Her face is perfect, honestly.

    Solovet, Tabea and Corvin are looking great as well! I am inlove with that setup you have going on there! Is it too big? How do you store that?

  8. Thank you! It's quite big, unfortunately. I can fold the side-walls in to make it smaller, but it sits in a corner of my living room. The walls are almost hip-high (My EID guy Rex can stand in the door without bumping his head).

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