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New face for Melisande

A couple of weeks ago I ruined Melisande’s face. She just received a make over, and I actually like her better now. She has some more wrinkles, freckles and looks more natural. And I made a wig for her. The first of a couple of Tibetan lamb wigs, and I think I might have combed her hair a bit too much. She lost half of her curls. I will try to use a bit of steam to revive them. But I love the color on her, and I am in the process of making more wigs. That will be the topic of another post, though.

The jeans jacket with the embroidery is not for her, she just had to put it on for me, since the designated owner has not arrived yet.


And since I am waiting for two new girls I started to collect style inspiration on my pinterest, which is an awesome way to waste a lot of time ;). Does anyone else do that?


12 thoughts on “New face for Melisande”

  1. Love the new faceup! Ah, so the new wig is Tibetan lamb…I thought it might be mohair. I haven't worked with TL so I'm not sure how you would get the curl back in. Steam might do it, but if not, I would try rinsing it in warm water and then letting it dry without combing it. There might be some DoA posts explaining how other members have worked with it.

    I have a pinterest account and do waste a lot of time on it. I'm not sure how personal it is at the moment, since I'm still not sure how it works. All I know is I had to pick categories–none of which were all that interesting–and all kinds of things keep popping up for me to look at. I don't know how to create a board and post to it.

  2. Steam might be easier on the hair. Too much water is not that good for lambskin. It didn't have that much curls before, at least it's longer that way, so I don't really mind. Creating boards is not that difficult, if you click on your user name in the right hand corner you see your pins and above three symbols. You can use the + symbol to create boards. Boards can be either public or private, so nobody except you can see them. But they are really just like boxes with labels.

  3. She looks lovely, I also like her hair very much, it looks good with the curls at the bottom. Your pinterest is great, I love the lace dresses board!

  4. You always do such a lovely job of your dolls Mia, I love the way she looks now. I agree with Linda about your lace board, there are some stunning dresses there. 🙂
    Big hugs,

  5. I actually like the hair as it is. It may not be necessary to re-curl it. If you have any humidity in the Summer, maybe the hair will curl all by itself. Thanks for the pinterest info. I may try to create my own board after all.

  6. Melisande looks beautiful. Her face is so gentle and natural. I love the face up! This hair suits her perfectly.
    I'm trying to avoid pinterest… It's so, so hard. 😉

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