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Corvin’s new face

Two weeks ago I damaged Corvin‘s face up beyond repair. Stupid, really. I usually never paint my nails, but a couple of days before I did and forgot about it. That’s how it happened, and I made a long purple scratch I couldn’t remove without very visible side effects, so I decided to wipe him clean and redo his face. I was a bit worried if I could replicate the old one and still make some improvements to enhance the byronesque features and make him look a little more mature.

I finished him two days ago and I am very happy with the way he turned out. Unfortunately it was a bit too dark to take better pictures than these.


3 thoughts on “Corvin’s new face”

  1. Thank you :). I agree, it was a happy accident. I think this look brings out his character more than the old one. He's still incredibly hard to photograph, like all dolls with black hair.

  2. Ahhh, I'm so sorry to hear that! Were your nails red? I always had that "making lines" issues with red paint only, so I avoid it at all costs.

    However, he is looking awesome!! You really skilled, as you sew amazing clothes and also do stunning faceups!!

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